As part of the industry and in love with games, best buds Sam and Sven explore both sides of relevant game design topics in not-too-thick German accents. It’s laid-back, an hour-long has valuable game development insight (banter) and there are guests from AAA and Indie.

Sam is currently the Captain* of Tonkotsu Games, a small Berlin-based Indie studio of nine developing Rave Cage Carnage a Roguelike-Rhythm-Action-Slasher and writing his bachelor thesis about emergent and procedural storytelling in games. He likes spending his time grinding high ranks and playing games older than himself.

Sven has been working as a Jack-of-All-Trades** on multiple creative projects within the entertainment industry and made the switch back to games in 2016. He is currently writing his master thesis on virtual reality level design and works on two unannounced titles with a small Indie team. If you played Star Wars: Republic Commando back in 2005, you probably played some of his custom multiplayer maps.

Even though already knee-deep in the games industry, they are fully aware that there is much to learn.***

* Founder, Managing & Creative Director
** Game- & Level Designer, Producer, QA
*** hence, Industry Idiots

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